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Debbie Connolly is the creator of Expert Exchange.  A veteran of dog work with 30 plus years in the field and an expert witness for Dangerous Dogs cases since 2014 she has a varied career in all aspects of working with dogs.

SafePets UK is her main behaviour business, started in 1995 and still going strong.  The success of her work in court caused a spin off business, "My Dog Has Bitten" to concentrate on the work within the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA).

Instructed by Solicitors and Police in England, Wales and recently Scotland as an expert witness in dog behaviour, her evidence has been accepted in Magistrates' and Crown Courts.

At the end of 2020 she gained accreditation as a Continuing Development Course Trainer.  Then created DogLine UK and many CPD individually accredited unique courses for professionals involved with dangerous dogs.


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