If your dog has bitten and you have had a Police visit or fear one, read this page


We offer advice and expert witness services for dog owners who have fallen foul of the Dangerous Dogs Act.   Don't wait to get expert advice and don't use facebook or other social media as your source for the law.

The Police can seize a dog suspected of involvement in an incident and hold it for assessment or until the court case, but they CAN NOT put to sleep a dog unless YOU sign over ownership to them and allow it.  Never sign any paperwork.  Get advice.

Acting immediately might save your dog from being seized or even a court appearance.  ACT NOW.

No bite is still an offence


Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act also covers "reasonable apprehension".  This means that if the behaviour of your dog means that a person can honestly say they thought they could be bitten you have broken the law.

Remember the DDA now covers private as well as public property.

The DDA covers theat or injury to a human, not dogs.  Although there are groups trying to pressure the government to change this, it hasn't yet changed.

The original Dogs Act of 1871 can still be used for a dog on dog attack, but it is civil, not criminal and owners are usually forced to take private action.


Professional Services


Social media is not the place to get legal advice.  Some of the things said have ruined cases and ended with destruction orders given because the owner simply chose facebook over professionals.

Get your advice from solicitors and expert witnesses. 

Contact us for advice if you fear a Police visit and find out what is likely to happen and what you should do.

Even if you muzzle your dog in public, if it continues to behave aggressively, you could still be breaking the law.

A bite doesn't always mean a court will give a destruction order, they can impose a control order, and there are other, non court options many forces use.


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Debbie Connolly is a member of the National Expert Witness Agency and conducts assessments on dogs involved in incidents and gives evidence in court.


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