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Meetings - be one voice, be stronger

Most expert witnesses dealing with Dangerous Dogs Act cases work alone or within a small group. Police have a network and regular national meetings where information is exchanged.
The NPCC has regular meetings of their Dangerous Dogs Working Group, did you know this? Forces are invited to send someone, usually a DLO, to meet and discuss the job and law. Many forces send one, some occasionally do and some never do. This can drive their national policies and decisions, how can experts bring a stronger voice to this?
Experts have no set method to swap useful information, discuss issues and identify problems.  By accident we discover things that have concerned us have also concerned other experts.  Equally, good practice and opportunities for change are missed.
Concerns and praise about kennels, police and working practices needs a central collation. To evaluate good and bad amongst the many forces, dogs and kennels needs this route. 
Dog Walk

Our first meeting has taken place via zoom. Furtehr meetings coming soon. 

This will be the first time expert witnesses in dangerous dogs have had a joint voice.

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COMING SOON membership options, training courses, CPD and much more. 

The Expert Exchange

Expert Exchange has been created as the only specialist forum for experts in dangerous dogs. 

This not a political exchange, this is not the place for arguments about BSL or the law.  This is for experts working in the current law and system to talk, help, support and improve the role, the relationships and be heard.

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